Film Funding Revolution in the Movie Business

Film Funding Revolution in the Movie Business

Ethereum Movie Venture created a blockchain coin that has several functionalities, the coins are movie tickets.

Everyone who owns coins can watch the movies produced by Ethereum Movie Venture but the coins are also shares, because 75% of the profit made with the movies during the next 20 years that are produced by Ethereum Movie Venture, will be distributed to coin holders. Then the next functionality is vital for the future. The tokens are a voting tool, every year there is a voting process to determine the next years movie project.

Movie producers from all over the world can apply and the coin holders decide which project they want to support. And finally, the coins can be traded on exchanges. At the moment, the Ethereum Movie Venture Coin is trading on three exchanges.

The total volume and marketcapitalisation is listed on like all major blockchains. Currently it already has a market capitalisation of over four million USD and this before there is even a movie or a trailer out.

From consumers to stakeholders
Ethereum Movie Venture is a project that will empower both consumers and filmmakers. In this project, consumers become an active stakeholder of the movie. If the movie is a success, consumers will earn money.

This project adopts the advantages of blockchain technologies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. These blockchain technologies implement the concept of decentralisation and independence of third trusted parties like banks or intermediaries.

The 1st movie
The world’s first Ethereum funded movie is called The Pitts Circus. The genre is a post-truth mockumentary. It features an existing Australian circus family and two A-Listed Swiss Actors. It will hit theatres in 2018 and now South African filmmakers get the chance to submit their films and compete to become one of the other three funded films.

The South-African Ambassadors
Ethereum Movie Venture is partnering with some hand picked ambassadors from all over the world. For the South African chapter Ethereum Movie Venture is very proud to have award-wining filmmakers Uga Carlini (Towerkop Creations and Danie Barnard (Bake Media on board to work on the pioneering first four Ethereum Movie Venture projects.

South African filmmakers are invited to submit their projects online. Once the final four international projects have been selected, the coin holders will vote for their favourite film, which will be funded. South African filmmakers have till Sunday evening the 30th of July 2017 to submit their films online.

More information
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