Dule does Axe

Dule does Axe

Chill Pill films in close collaboration with Gorilla Media agency created bumper of 20+ spot campaign for Axe Gold. The brand famous for revolutionising the deodorant category and for its iconic advertising, launched an integrated campaign with a difference which promises to continue to challenge stereotypical views of masculinity.

'Find Your Magic' campaign inspires guys to celebrate their individuality, reject archaic, stereotypical notions of male attractiveness, and gives them the tools and inspiration they need to work on their original style.

Sian Cooke-Anicic, the executive producer of Chill Pill Films further explains:
"As someone who embraces all those values personally, Dule was perfectly positioned to accept this challenge and direct these spots. We were enormously flattered and excited to have been chosen by Gorilla Media and the AXE brand team from Unilever to bring this great campaign to life. Apart from a huge Thank-You to all the clients, crew and cast, special thanks goes to the grading team at The Mill, London for jumping onboard while taking into consideration our modest budget. This campaign deserved the best we as a production house had capacity to offer."

However Dule and the London team were not the only international talent on show as campaign is spearheaded by its brand ambassador - rapper Nasty C as the "Gold Father" - someone who pushes through boundaries and is always determined to go for gold, always.

Dule says: Because AXE inspires individuality while still celebrating attraction, Nasty C as an accomplished artist at such young age was perfectly positioned to play this role of the "Gold Father".,...

He was extremely easy to work with and has added an enormous value to the campaign because he is someone that has found his authentic self and as an "Influencer" in a true sense of the word has also helped me communicate the message to millions of young people across the continent on a personal level because most of them truly relate to who he is.

In the words of Nasty C - "That is what we want to do, help people find their gold."

"But most importantly..." Dule continues "... my teenage daughter and a huge fan of Nasty C saw the ad and said - Dad, this is dope! Me? Proudest dad on the planet!"


Chill Pill Films
Sian Cooke-Anicic
Executive Producer
+27 63 233 4134

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