Dulé Completes Exciting Online Campaign for Joe Public

Dulé Completes Exciting Online Campaign for Joe Public

Dule has just completed an exciting online campaign for Joe Public. Agency brief was for the director to create a visually unique music video type film for online use that will stand out in its visual treatment from the myriad of look-alike copycat productions cluttering the local platforms at the moment. So he did.


"Fantastic challenge, one that enabled me to create a world that perfectly fits the story in which our female leads are uncompromisingly themselves and are equally uncompromisingly disposing of the shackles imposed on them by outdated traditional attitudes and values...

Focus is on the characters themselves, as one of the very few REAL, important elements in their everyday lives, while the world our characters live in is defined as superficial, therefore represented by a series of projections on screens surrounding the "life" stage where the stories take place.

Besides, a huge personal motivation to me as a father of three young girls, was in the fact that this project represented a unique opportunity to further the message of women empowerment and equality apart from making sure that the marketing objectives hit all the right targets...and that we all have fun while making it :)"


Producer Sian Anicic
Chill Pill Films
+27 63 233 4134

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