Didier Drogba stars in Television Commercial

Didier Drogba stars in Television Commercial

Dule has recently met up with the Ivorian and African soccer legend Didier Drogba at his home country of Ivory Coast, or more accurately - his neighbourhood in Abidjan, where he was born and used his foot to kick things for the very first time in his life. Few have foreseen this resulting in an incredible international soccer career.

Needles to say, Dule is a huge soccer fan and Didier is a huge fan of South Africa and its beauty (apparently Rustenburg is really cool? Maybe proximity to Sun City has something to do with that?) so after briefly exchanging few niceties, both proceeded to do what Solibra clients paid them to do - film a charming TV ad for the Bock beer, now sold in a bottle named after the legendary footballer.

With over 130.000 deliberate (independently verified) views of the ad online on the first day of airing the results have surpassed all expectations. The client loved the ad so much that they could not wait for the finalised online version. They aired offline version for the first few days before swapping it with the real thing (Offline version still resides on bothTwitter and Facebook)

It proved a huge hit in the country prompting the client to Shower both Dule and Drogba with unparalleled expressions of gratitude and congratulations, but apparently (sadly) no bonus pay...


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