Another win for Uga Carlini's award winning 'Alison'.

Another win for Uga Carlini's award winning 'Alison'.

The filmmaker behind the incredible survival story of Alison Uga Carlini of Towerkop Creations, has just been crowned the 2018 Award Winner for the World of Women's Cinema at the WOW Middle East Film Festival.

The film fair promotes and awards the talents of women producers, directors, writers, editors and cinematographers in the film industry internationally. Uga was chosen out of 300 + global entries. She will now have the chance to pitch her next project to Hollywood as part of her prize through

Uga also won the 2017 MUSE Writer's Guild of South Africa Award for Best Screenplay, the film was nominated for 5 Awards at the 2017 SAFTA's, was bestowed the top honour of International Humanitarian Platinum Award Winner for Best Documentary at the World Humanitarian Film Awards and also won Best Documentary at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival.

Uga Carlini's film on heroine and rape survivor Alison Botha is a deeply personal and emotional story of triumph and survival. Using a creative and innovative fairytale aesthetic, Carlini's film is a poetic and insightful exploration of trauma and overcoming. Uga's Towerkop Creations has also been the first film company to specialize exclusively in female driven heroine stories since 2010.

Alison can be viewed on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and Vimeo on Demand. In South Africa it's available through takealot. Sales Agents Journeymen Pictures.

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