AFDA turns the radio on

AFDA turns the radio on

AFDA introduces a one year radio and podcasting course for 2018. Digital’s impact on radio has not just expanded the landscape of media competition, but also emphasised the need for radio practitioners to work harder at “super-serving” multimedia audiences.

With podcasts, videos and live streaming becoming de rigueur, radio in Africa is clearly not lagging in digital transformation.

“Ten years ago it was enough for a radio producer and presenter to help provide content in audio; now, they need to be equipped in the digital and video space – producers and presenters need a multi-crafted skillset going forward, to meet a dynamic and demanding medium.”says Trish Taylor, CEO of Primedia, Western Cape in

AFDA, The School for the Creative Economy is introducing a new one year Higher Certificate course in Radio and Podcasting in 2018. The certificate has been registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The course is about bridging into an AFDA Undergraduate degree by learning the basic skills needed to work as an assistant for a radio station or in podcasting and to also provide students with the necessary skills to meet the demands of digital transformation in the rapidly changing and growing world of radio and podcasting in the creative economy.

Applications are open online for 2018. Click here to find out more about the course:

AFDA is a private higher education institution which offers higher certificate and degree programmes that are registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Our programmes are accredited and we participate productively in the ongoing reaccreditation and quality assurance processes of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) to ensure the quality of our programmes. The DHET certificate number for AFDA is 2001/HE07/012.

AFDA reserves the right to make changes or withdraw information or course offers without prior notice. Where possible, AFDA will endeavour to notify all persons and/or organisations affected as a result.

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