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Film and video picture editors, assistant editors, sound editors and post production professionals

SAGE, the South African Guild of Editors, is a voluntary, non-profit organization which represents film and video picture editors, assistant editors and sound editors.

With more than 100 members, the Guild represents most of the best talent in the feature film, TV drama, documentary, insert, on-line and sound editing in South Africa today.

Our editors have worked on award winning productions like Tsotsi, which won an Oscar for best Foreign Film. The documentary Eye of the Leopard, got a Emmy Award in 2007 and Best Editing award at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Albert, France in 2009.

Other productions that SAGE editors have worked on, have been nominated and awarded SAFTA, Artes, Avanti and M-Net All-Africa Awards.

We run workshops to upgrade the skills of editors and to keep them up to date with current technological developments. Workshops have included colour grading, drama editing, sound editing and HD and RED workflow's. Suggestions for other workshops are always welcome.

SAGE members receive a major discount to attend these workshops and some are even free of charge for members. Many varied workshops and courses are planned for the future.

SAGE is represented on SASFED, which has already made inroads into discussions with the SABC. SASFED is the body which represents the broader film industry to government. As one of the main players within the industry, we are able to add our voice to the discussions with government, through SASFED and therefore influence the development of policy.

More recently our web-site has ensured that many producers have quick access to the contact details and the levels of experience of our editors. Producers are also able to request up-to-date CV's for editors from the Guild.

We are represented nationally and hope to continually access members in more areas as our industry expands.

We maintain a good relationship with equipment providers who are always willing to support the Guild with training and up-skilling. Many post production companies are also very supportive of the Guild.

We would like to ensure that editors are not isolated and to this end we endeavour to increase communication between editors for moral as well as technical support. We hold social events where editors get to meet their contemporaries and are able to share their experience and expertise.

Each year we assess and publish a rate card which is accessible on the web-site. This gives producers an idea as to what editors should be paid. And members can use this rate card when negotiating for jobs.

The Guild is presently run on a voluntary basis by the members of the Executive Committee, all of whom work as professionals in post production and give of their free time to maintain it.

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