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Flying Pigs
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer

I have over 300 professional productions to my credit, and a career as performer which started in 1972 as an 11 year old in the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir.
Being fluent in English, German (My mother tongue) and Afrikaans, and able to speak a bit of isiZulu and master accents, has kept me in work for over 35 years.
As an actor and part time singer I do mainly character work and am comfortable in comedy or straight roles.
As a scriptwriter my forte is conceptualisation, design and dialogue. I have written for High Rollers, Egoli, Scandal and well over 100 corporate scripts.
As a producer, thus far I’ve focussed mainly corporate shows, road shows and corporate videos. My strength lies in budget management, but I do co-ordinate and manage as well.

Film TitleTypeCompanyRole
Feature Film
On the Wright Road Productions (Morne Lane)
Arnoldus Venter
"Braai'd and Prejudiced" (A corporate theatre show addressing culture, racism and social media in the work place.)
Flying Pigs Branded Theatre
Scriptwriter & Producer
High Rollers
Rous House
Edpisode/dialgue writer

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