Film Zimbabwe

New Zimbabwean Feature Film Released

Written and produced by Zimbabwean Melgin Tafirenyika, the full HD 105-minute feature film, "I Will Marry Myself" been released on the streets selling at a giveaway price onto the streets of Harare at only a dollar per copy. By Carter Chapwanyahas

Women at centre of festival

The International Images Film Festival for Women is calling for submissions of films that celebrate women as peacemakers and as leaders who work to stop violence and abuse. The deadline for confirming film entries is 15 June and all required information must be submitted by 30 June.

Ndlovu makes a mark in South Africa

Former Amakorokoza star, Earnest Ndlovu, is riding a wave of success as he continues to take the South African film industry by storm. Ndlovu formerly starred in South Africa’s Generations but he now has a new role in a television series called Inkaba.

Ster-Kinekor Goes Digital in Zimbabwe

Ster-Kinekor has upgraded their equipment to include state-of-the-art fully digitalised 2D or 3D formats. Films will now hit the big screen at Eastgate and Westgate just days after their South African and American release. By Francis Mukuzunga 2003 - 2018