Video Editor / Camera Operator Johannesburg

Edit to brief or story board, Attend all briefing meetings with client or manager, Attend conceptualisation sessions, Attend shoots when necessary, Manage footage from server, Edit footage and material as per brief or storyboard.

Generate 2D graphics
Source relevant stock footage and material when necessary
Export project to audio department for final mix
Host client for long-term proofing sessions
Exercise post proof changes within the stipulated deadlines
Prepare material for final proof
Attend in studio final proof when necessary
Post final proof create masters
Tele- stream to channel when necessary
Create back up of project
Maintain an orderly digital filing system of all edited projects
Music cue sheets to be completed and handed to production manager

In-store TV, radio and content production.

Knowledge of Adobe Suite
Knowledge of video editing techniques
Knowledge of video cameras and shooting techniques

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