Part-time Production Finance person Johannesburg

Dubbing broadcast company providing content for the African market is looking for a part-time production finance person 1-2 days a week to assist us with improving our current project finance systems and assisting with managing the day to day accounting and financial reporting against the budgets.

We run multiple projects simultaneously and while our budgets don't have many line items, we can deal with up to 40+ suppliers on a single project.

Your responsibilities will include:

Confirming project budgets in conjunction with Management and Production and ensuring that the Production department remains within budget parameters
Collating individual project budget information into a global budget and projecting supplier payments on a quarterly basis to assist with cash flow management
Liaising with Production to ensure that the project billing schedule is being kept up to date at all times
Invoicing when necessary
Issuing PO's and approving purchases
Capturing supplier PO's and payments
Validating and approving monthly supplier payment schedules in conjunction with the Production department
Preparing and processing payroll using an online system

You will work directly with the company bookkeeper and accounting firm and report directly to the Managing Director.

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