Directors Assistant Durban

Directors Assistant required for TV Series in Durban, Compile shooting marked up scripts per day as per shooting schedule, Compile floor plans as per marked up script and shooting schedule.

Compile Cam-cards for each camera as per shooting schedule
Distribute to the relevant departments prior to shoot week and on shooting day for studio crew.
Ensure all requests from the Director in regards to M/Up , Art Dept , Lighting SFX are in order before shoot day.
If OB Shoot, Ensure Units , Crew , equipment, Extras, Craft and Mobile Lavatory's are booked as well as payment for location use ( The Norm - Police escorts, Paramedics on Standby & Fire Dept. if necessary )
Episode script Timings


Scene Timings ( Time and Inform Director if it's too long or short )
Episode Duration ( monitor and advise Director whilst shooting if the episode's going to be long or short - need to know how to calculate minutes) ( Calculator does not work )
Shot Calling
Ident Operating
Cue Camera's if they not composed for their upcoming shot ( Got to keep your eye on all Camera monitors & shot descriptions whilst calling shots )


Record time codes per scene / shot / pick - up
Mark up script accordingly with slate numbers & time codes as well.
Keep continuity as well. ( Even Though you'll have a continuity person on set )
Label scenes correctly (ident)
Watch monitor as well for soft shots, burn out or dead pixels and shot composition/ boom shadows

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