Urgent: Editor Cape Town

Offline and online editing of inserts, Editing of an average of three inserts per week as well as weekly EPK, and any other footage required for the daily show, playout of shows when required, Archiving/backups of all shows on to drive or system.

• Working with the insert producer or producer on taking decisions on cutting the show
• Ensure that schedules are stuck to and deadlines are met for insert delivery
• Inclusion of all relevant graphics and creative elements
• Creation of graphics for enhancement of quality of the show
• Ensuring brand exposure/trade exchange requirements are known and adhered to
• Effective and organised management system of projects
• Digitising of raw footage
• Complication of music cue sheet information with insert producer on weekly basis
• Communication with insert producer and producer on any issues impacting ability to deliver to deadline or at a high standard, e.g. poor quality of footage, crashing of machines, late arrival of footage
• Recording of voice overs as and when required
• Attending weekly team content meetings
• Attending, input and feedback at insert meetings
• Being proactive in researching creative and technological ways of enhancing the show

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