Talent Booker / Agent Cape Town

This position requires good understanding of how the model and talent industry works, what clients look for and how to deliver top talent to every clients request, understanding of contracts rates industry standards.

this is a job where working with talent means working with people and finding solutions to help them progress and be successful

you need to enjoy creating you need to know fashion and love people and follow brands

this job means working in and with a dynamic team

there are office hours and after hours as the industry never really stops in season, you need to want to be able to give as much time as required

good organisational skills are definitely required to follow up on the jobs talent and progress of the various projects running at the same time.

the person we are looking for would ideally have 3-5 years experience in the film / model / advertising / production/ fashion industry
the person should have good communication skills and be solutions driven and enjoy helping others progress to the next level and grow with a team.

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