Script Adaptor Cape Town

We are looking to form a base of freelance script adaptors dealing with script editing, formatting, and proofing, prior to dubbing and distribution. Essentially, we are looking to enhance the story and capture any emotion and subtext which may be lost in translation. You will be provided with the direct translated English script as well as the visuals and will be required to adapt it to the context of colloquial (UK and US), conversational English.

We are targeting students, graduates, and first-time employees.

Core tasks:

Script editing, adapting and reformatting.
Creation of scene cues/ markers.

Excellent command of the English Language with high-level comprehension and grammar skills.
High level of creative writing skills.
Understanding of storytelling through the medium of film.

Passion for film and TV content. Avid watcher and consumer of television.
Good attention to detail.
Calm, relaxed, focused demeanour.
Ability to perform under pressure and changing deadlines.
Microsoft Office Suite knowledge and competency.
Ability to work flexible shifts on a part-time basis (AM, PM, Weekends).

Preferred candidates

Aspiring Screen Writers
English Majors
English Teachers
Education level

While the position does not require a formal degree, any undergraduate and/or post-graduate degree in English literature, screenwriting, or film is advantageous.

Testing process

All candidates will be required to complete an exercise to demonstrate your creative abilities. You will be provided with a portion of the directly translated script and asked to adapt it as you see fit, and format it according to our guidelines. This process is a prerequisite for consideration.


Successful applicants will be asked to join us for seminar based training, which will take place on Saturdays. Once completed you will be provided with a second exercise to assist in the training process. This will be a timed exercise and feedback will be provided thereafter.

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