Junior Video Editor Cape Town

We are looking for a permanent video editor. You have worked with footage from RED & ARRI before. You will be responsible for logging, and archiving all footage. You will be cutting up video footage and making selects of short 5-30 second long clips that are usable for stock video libraries. This job purely involves cutting up footage to make selects, you will not be editing clips together into sequences.

To apply send us:

One-minute video of yourself, just say ‘hi’ introduce yourself, let us know what your are about (does not need to be professionally done, you can use your phone) This is the best and only way we are able to meet every applicant.

Brief cover letter: Tell us about the things you have done that show you are a good fit for the role and prove your awesomeness.

CV / filmography (if that applies to you) and link to your showreel or stuff you have worked on.

Note: If you link to something we need to know in what role you were involved in the project

Applications will not be considered without a video.

Make sure you have the role you are applying for and your full name in the subject line.

Job start date: Late October/early November TBC.

Interview process:

There will be one initial interview. You may be asked to come in for a practical second interview.

First interview dates:

12/13/14 October.

You have grit, creativity, determination, skill and talent that go beyond what is easily defined by a cover letter / cv or job description. Just as your abilities go way beyond what your CV can ever capture so does the scope of the position. You go above and beyond.

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