Junior Lecturer: Camera and Lighting Cape Town

The successful incumbent will be involved in high quality teaching and research activities for the department to which he or she is assigned, particularly in the delivery and development of assigned modules. The post holder will also participate in wider activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Teaching and learning
o Plan and prepare for the lecturers and provide additional notes to students apart from the study guide provided.
o Lecturing hours are an estimated 26 hours per week.
o Take responsibility for the quality of teaching provided, ensure continuous improvement and where necessary undertake training to ensure standards are delivered.
o Upgrade study guides by benchmarking it against public and industry.
o Supervise student projects and placements where required.
• Setting, moderation and marking of assessments
o Set and moderate exam papers according to the guidelines set out by the exams department.
o Plan and initiate assessments as outlined by assessment and examinations policies.
o Exam papers are to be marked within the three day marking rule and marked against the model answer.
• Research
o Participate in individual and collective research were possible.
o Support the development of research objectives, projects and proposals.
• Other
o Be available for student guidance, mentorship and networking.
o Departmental administrative duties.
o Representation at institutional events.
o Possible service on institutional committees.

Qualifications and Experience
• Honours degree (minimum) in a related field.
• At least 2 years’ industry experience.
• Teaching experience would be advantageous.

Mandatory Skills
• Possess specialist knowledge in the discipline to develop teaching and/or research programmes and the provision of learning support.
• Use a range of delivery techniques.
• Strong communication skills.
• Understanding of the various quality control councils.
• Technical skills required by the module assigned.

Mandatory Skill set:
• Fluency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Knowledge of (advantageous):
• Basic knowledge of editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro)

Practical Skill set:
• Detailed working knowledge of camera and lighting equipment, from traditional basic equipment to the latest in industry technology.
• Experience in both studio-based and location cinematography, including lighting set-up and comprehensive camerawork.
• Technical understanding of a camera’s working mechanisms, and how an image is imprinted onto film and video.
• Comprehensive understanding of lighting and colour theory as they apply to the creation of visual images.
• Ongoing developing knowledge of new innovations in camera and lighting technology, equipment and processes.
• Ability to communicate the above concepts in theoretical and practical terms, and help students to apply these skills and principles to their practical work.

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