Feature Film Director South Africa

Must have directed at least two feature films that was distributed in the last 3 years and available from May to August 2018. As the director, you would use your creativity, organisational skills and technical knowledge to manage the whole production process.

· If you are imaginative, and can lead others to work towards your creative vision, this job could be for you.
· To do this job, you'll need good planning and communication skills.
· You'll also need to be decisive and able to work to a budget.

Work activities:
· You will lead a large cast and crew, to direct a full-length international feature film.
· Your main purpose would be to make the creative decisions that guide the rest of the crew.

Your work could include:
· meeting producers
· interpreting the script and developing storyboards
· deciding on how the production should look and where it should be filmed
· planning the shooting schedule and logistics
· hiring the cast and crew
· guiding the technical crew
· directing the actors
· supervising the editing to produce the final 'cut'

· Must be able to work with multi-cultural artists.
· Must be fluent in English
· Must be able to do a full video presentation on their Directors Treatment of the script.

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