Director for Commercial / Lifestyle Video Shoots Cape Town

Hiring a full-time director for commercial/lifestyle video shoots to join our small teams to create aspirational imagery for stock footage/image libraries. We shoot real life scenes, short stand alone clips with no overarching story threads.

You love working with small teams on intimate sets to create beautiful imagery. You are visually driven, have good taste and spend enough time on tumblr, pinterest and instagram to know how to direct your stylist to keep the set and wardrobe current and on-trend

You draw genuine emotion out people and and enjoy directing authentic performances from untrained actors. You do what it takes to get the shot. You’ll persuade a freezing cold model to have fun jumping into an icy pool over and over until it looks real. You will motivate your team to be awesome.

You are not a diva, and are not trying to be famous.

From the brief, you work closely with your team to create mood boards, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedules. You are directly involved in everything to do with talent castings.

You are hands on in all departments, and responsible for getting the shots required. You work very closely with client in the briefing process, establishing what looks, moods, actions, shots, are required.

You have grit, creativity, determination, skill, and talent that go beyond what is easily defined by a cover letter/CV or job description. Just as your abilities go way beyond what your CV can ever capture so does the scope of the position. You go above and beyond.

To Apply:

A one-minute video of yourself, just say ‘hi’ introduce yourself, let us know what your are about (does not need to be professionally done, you can use your phone). This is the best and only way we are able to meet every applicant.

Brief cover letter: Tell us about the things you have done that show you are a good fit for the role and prove your awesomeness.

CV/filmography (if that applies to you) and link to your showreel or stuff you have worked on.

Note: If you link to something we need to know in what role you were involved in the project

Applications will not be considered without a video.

Make sure you have the role you are applying for and if you are junior/mid/senior and your full name in the subject line.

Job start date: 4 September 2017 depending on department.

Interview process:

There will be one initial interview and a second interview. For Directors & DP's there will be paid shoot test days in September.

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