Media and Publicity South Africa

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Petra Peacock C-Cubed Communications Website
FCB Media and Marketing
Johannesburg | South Africa

Media and Publicity

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Lara Utian-Preston Red Flag Media Website
Pan-African Publicity and Marketing to the film, TV and content industry
Cape Town | South Africa

Media and Publicity

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Kevin Kriedemann Kevin Kriedemann Website
Writing, PR, marketing
Cape Town | South Africa

Media and Publicity

Andrea Minnaar-... Acting/Marketing Cape Town South Africa
Bianca Bouwer Public Relations Cape Town South Africa
Bokamoso Mabiletsa Entrepreneur Pretoria South Africa
Bonnie Meslane Television Production Johannesburg Africa
C.Sade Turnipseed Public Relations / Marketing Mississippi United States
Caroline Dumay journalist Cape Town South Africa
Catherine Makgoba Market Models into various cast of acting, advertising... Johannesburg South Africa
Charlie Frost Film Marketing and Promotions Specialist South Africa
Cheryl Hunter Publicity Johannesburg South Africa
Dan Frost Brand & Media Partnership Consultants In Movies Cape Town South Africa 2003 - 2019