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We are an Extras Agency based in Johannesburg. We provide Extras for Movies and Commercials. Get Locations for shoots, Hire Police, Security, Nurse & many other uniforms. Website
Extras in Johannesburg South Africa

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Athini Maseti Editor Gauteng South Africa
Craig Murray Extra Cape Town South Africa
Craig Young Background / Extra / Action Extra / Walk-ons / Acting... Cape Town South Africa
Dylan Dicks Can edit videos to a simple degree. Cameraman on... Johannesburg South Africa
Garry Wright Extra/Voice over Johannesburg South Africa
Hilary Moyo Extra. Background Actor Cape Town South Africa
innocent nyamaropa security Cape Town South Africa
Insaaf Ismail Sales Cape Town South Africa
Janine Petersen Extras/Actors /Featurs /Charactors Cape Town South Africa
Jared Alfayo Film Agent Nairobi Kenya

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